How's My Pronunciation?

Welcome to "How's My Pronunciation".
This is an AI-driven American English pronunciation analysis tool developed by Daniel White.
Listen to the pronunciation of words and repeat as closely as you can. The AI will evaluate your pronunciation and give you a score at the end.

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Before we get started, let's check your microphone and your audio

Click "Test Microphone" and say anything you want, for example "This is a microphone test."

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Check your audio settings and click "test audio". You should hear "Your sound is working."

Repeat the Word That Appears Here.

"Listen" or "Repeat"

"Listen" carefully when promted. Wait until you see "Repeat" to repeat what you read and hear.


You finished your pronunciation evaluation.

I hope you are satisfied with your results. If you would like improve your pronunciation, I suggest the following resources:

The two best pronunciation teachers on YouTube are Hadar and Rachel.

Overall English Pronunciation:
Accent's Way English with Hadar - intonation
Accent's Way English with Hadar - morning practice

/r/ and /l/ pronunciation: (i.e. "lead" vs. "read")

r and l

Rachel's English /r/ vs /l/
Accent's Way English with Hadar - /r/

/i/ and /I/ pronunciation: (i.e. "feel" vs "fill")

i and I

Rachel's English /i/ vs /I/

/æ/ and /ɛ/ pronunciation: (i.e. "bat" vs "bet")

a and e

Rachel's English /æ/ vs /ɛ/

/f/ vs /p/ pronunciation: (i.e. "feel" and "peel")

f and p

Rachel's English /f/ and /v/

After you spend some time practicing, try the evaluation again! Check your improvement!

Your voice is now being recorded.